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Top 5 reasons to promote your Church or Ministry on
1. A fresh progressive 21st century smart digital TV experience both in apps and on a online web browser.
2. Apps to stream HD content to smart devices and UHD/4K to the largest TV screens.
3.  The daily worldwide viewers that could grow church membership while increasing ministry events attendance and partnerships.
4. The diversity of every iChurch Network to spark returning viewers through interest categories alerts to experience newly uploaded content.
5. The most unique reason is the radial [circle] menu found at the bottom right of the welcome player and ondemand videos to allow viewers, as they press it, to get instant information on the Church or Ministries  [1] Website  [2] Store item(s)  [3] Event address  [4] Content Information - that can be seen for only 30 seconds or up to the full length of video.

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