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“Dynamic Worship By Design” - God's Laws Of CommunicationCLICK HERE or above to get your FREE “Dynamic Worship By Design” - God's Laws Of Communication eBook download today and enjoy a study in the elemental physiology of worship focusing on the cause and effect of today’s AVL and acoustics in the master planning of a total worship environment. The underlying goal is to create an environment that will promote engaging and high impact worship experiences for today’s congregations by understanding the base-line methodology of full sensory media design. Discovering the organic make-up of how people see, hear and experience worship today, teaching how to use “next generation technology” to deliver the message and Word of God in a way that is both dynamic and life changing and understanding the basic building blocks of worship communication that will impact 21st century congregations.

Donnie Haul

About the author - Donnie Haulk

Donnie is the Chief Executive Officer of AE Global Media, Inc..  Donnie and his team at AE Global Media, Inc. develop campus wide HD digital technology systems for corporations, governments and ministries worldwide. To date, they have completed over 2,600 church & ministry projects and over 1,200 corporate, government and educational facilities. Each week over 3 million people worship live & enjoy artist on systems they have designed and installed, with millions more tuning in via customized broad casting, web-casting and streaming technologies. Donnie is a pioneer in acoustic and media technologies and continues to pursue excellence in design and implementation. Creating venues of all sizes that allow intimate and deeply emotional life impacting communication.

His book entitled “Dynamic Worship By Design” - God’s Law Of Communication has become a teaching textbook for the American Institute of Architects’ (AIA) Continuing Education class as well as classes at NAB, WFX, InfoComm, LDI, and other international industries.